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If you would like to see any of my posts other than the product reviews below you will need to ask that I friend you.


I thought I'd post a few more pictures of the kiddles.  Actually just O'Mara as she is really coming into her own.

O'Mara has mastered the art of floor-to-6'-bookcase jumping.

The dark thing behind her is the wood valance for the blinds.  She thinks these are her personal catwalks...

A closer shot of that mug of hers!

This little monkey is a strange cat.  She has panic attacks if she is forced to be in the same room as strangers.  We don't force her but she wigs out when she hears them come in the house.
I saw a cleaner at the market while I was picking up the weekly staples that I HAD to try.  It is called Coffee Clean and it works like a charm! 

I have tried running white vinegar through my coffee maker to clean the build up with little to no results.  The glass carafe was "stained" and had to be scrubbed very hard to clean it.  With Coffee Clean I was able to clean the coffee maker and stained coffee mugs with out the elbow grease.  My husband even commented that the coffee tasted better after I cleaned it!

It gets 5 dusters out of 5!

A mop worth buying! (Product Review)

I had to replace the crappy Casabella mop I bought back in February since I never received the new mop head that Casabella said they'd send out to me.  Soooo I tried a new Casabella microfiber mop hoping it didn't fall apart like the last.  I've had nothing but great things to say about the Casabella line of cleaning supplies until that mop.

Anyway, I bought the Casabella Magnet Mop 2. I LOVE IT!  I have had it since May and it has really held up to the months of abuse that my family dishes out!  We wash it in the machine after every use and are still using the mop head it comes with!  Yeah for micro fiber mops that don't fall apart!  For this reason I am giving it  4 dusters out of 5.  It would get 5 dusters if it cleaned my floors with out me!

Microfiber Hand Dusters (Product Review)

A while back I had bought a few Casabella cleaning tools.  I had a few issues with the mop(it fell apart) but I thought I'd give these neat hand dusters a try(at $2.00 each from Big Lots). 

You can buy the dusters here

They make it easy to dust the hard to reach places with it's 9 inch rubberized handle.  The microfiber cloth head is removable so you can toss it in the wash.  Just be sure to follow the washing directions on the package.  ;)

I have a microfiber mop/broom with the same construction that works like a dream between vaccuumings on the hardwood floors.

The dusters are a true "must have"  with with four dusters out of five!

I recently bought some microfiber cleaning cloths to help with the spring cleaning and with turning our household into an organically clean one.  The cloths are Real Simple's Microfiber Cloths.  I started with the basics- a dusting cloth, a kitchen cloth and a bathroom cloth. 

I did a little dusting and was very happy with the results!  Bye bye, Pledge!  It picked up more dust in one wipe than anything I've ever tried! 

The bathroom cloth got the faucet sparkling without water or products!  No more toothpaste spots on the mirror or on the counter!  My bathroom is gorgeous!

The kitchen cloth did the same!  It even got gross lime deposits off the kitchen faucet. 

The best part is that they are washable!  No more buying swiffer cloths for dusting!  They are only at Target stores but you can get the "standard" (read the same exact cloths but in different colors) microfiber cloths from Casabella's website (www.casabella.com) This why I give them four dusters out of five!

To make cleaning the hardwood and tile floors in our 1920's bungalow a breeze I bought a sponge-head mop. The "Microfiber Squeeze Mop" by Real Simple to be exact. (http://www.realsimple.com/realsimple/product/0,25451,1127337,00.html)

I used it after I vacuumed the floors on Monday for the first time. To my horror it rained Tuesday through Wednesday morning. With a blue collar husband and two corgis the checkerboard tiled kitchen floor was trashed! Again I vacuumed and mopped the floors(all of them) Wednesday afternoon.

Half way through mopping the microfiber pad came off the sponge mop head. As in unglued! If I had wanted a plain sponge mop I would have bought one! I am not wasting the $7 to replace the head after using it twice! I just wasted $16 on the darn mop!

While the pad was still attached it did the job well and didn't just push the dirt around.

I give it two dusters out of five. It can do the job if it doesn't fall apart first!